How to Cold Brew Acme Loose Leaf Tea

What's better than a hot cup of MiMi Time Tea at the end of a long day? A tall frosty glass of Sweet Roobie or Schnauzberry Tea any other time of day!

Many of our teas are perfect both hot or cold. If you have never cold brewed loose leaf tea, no worries. We are going to walk you through the process of cold brewing and also tell you about some of the benefits associated with it.

Cold Brewing loose leaf tea is pretty easy, works well with many tea and herbal blends and still provides all the same nutritional benefits of traditional brewing techniques. If you are sensitive to the astringent taste of overbrewing tea, this might even be a better method for you to get a flavorful infusion without the risk of overbrewing.

Cold brewing loose leaf tea is super convenient for those on the go without a kettle handy to boil some water. Brew overnight in the refrigerator or even use a steeping tumbler for a truly convenient and portable experience!

Let's Do This!

Get Water

It's best to use bottled or filtered water however any ol’ tap water will work as well. Fill a mason jar, pitcher, tumbler or a freshly cleaned extra large fast food cup that was floating around in your car. Whatever it is, fill it and take a good guess as to how much water is going in there. Roughly, you don't have to be all scientific about it.

Add Tea

You want to add in approximately 1 heaping teaspoon (Or good sized pinch) per 10oz of water. So if you filled a 32oz pitcher or fast food cup, thats going to be about 3 heaping teaspoons. I say “about” because you can be flexible with this and customize to taste. If you like a stronger flavor, add a bit more. If you prefer it a bit more subtle, add a bit less. If you have no idea, start with what we recommend here and adjust on your next one if needed.

You can add the loose leaf tea or herbal blend directly to the water and strain later however it would be more convenient to use an infuser. We have a couple options available, just remember you will need one that will hold enough tea for the container you are using. See our guide on using an infuser (coming soon) if you need some tips.

Add Time

Once your tea is in the water, put everything in the refrigerator, someplace out of the way or even in direct sunlight for a nice sun brew like my grandma used to make. If you don't like to dilute your tea with ice, we recommend the refrigerator method. It takes a bit longer than the others but you will be able to enjoy the full flavor of your cold brewed tea or herbal blend.
  • Refrigerator - 2 hours
  • Room Temperature - 1 hour
  • Sun Brew - 30 minutes
  • Tumbler - 10-15 minutes


When your cold brewed tea is ready, just drink and enjoy! Just like traditional tea brewing, you can keep cold brewing the same tea 3-4 times. It will get a little weaker each time but you will get every last nutrient that blend has to offer. This is also perfect for those on the go. You can keep refilling your tumbler throughout the day and always have fresh tea at hand.

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