How to Brew Acme Tea

This post is for hot brewing. For cold brewing instructions, see our post on Cold Brewing. 

3 Grams or 1 Tea Bag  8-10oz Boiling Water 3-7 Minutes 

Tea and Water.

Brewing Acme tea starts at the very beginning. Quality ingredients. We choose the best teas and herbal combinations and for the best flavor we recommend you use bottled or filtered water.


Acme Tea is best brewed in proportions of 3 grams tea for every 8-10 oz water. An easy measuring method would be a heaping teaspoon or large “pinch” of tea added to a diffuser. If you are using one of our pyramid sachets, each one is measured at 3 grams of tea. So if you are using a 20oz tumbler then you would want to do 2 tea bags or 2 large pinches of tea into your diffuser.

Time & Temperature

We recommend brewing all of our teas at 212 degrees (100 Degrees celsius) or the boiling point near sea level. While some teas, like white and green, do not require such high temperatures, it is best to get the most from our full spectrum hemp to brew at full temperature.  We recommend brewing our teas for 5-7 minutes for the best flavor.

Repeat Brewing

For maximum value you can continue to brew your serving of Acme Tea at least two to three more times. This is a great way to make sure you get the maximum benefits and value from your tea.

Getting the Most CBD per cup. 

Our full spectrum hemp is full of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. To unlock these and release them in their fullest capacity you will want to add a cream, whole milk or coconut oil at the time of brewing. CBD and its family of beneficial cannabinoids are oil based. Oil and water do not naturally mix well. While a straight brew does extract a small amount of the CBD from the hemp, this addition of a carrier oil or fat will result in much more being extracted from the plant.

Remember, freshness Counts! Between brews, be sure to seal your bag of Acme Tea to keep it at its freshest and most flavorful. 

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